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How to Prepare

How to Prepare


Secure Pets

Remove all pets from the home or secure in a room we will not be searching. A working K-9 in live rodent scent detection will have a high prey drive. Due to a high prey drive, please secure and let us know where small pets are located so we can avoid them. 


Secure Items

If possible, move items from walls or tables that could easily fall over hit by a tail. You do not have to move furniture.


Do Not Distract

Keep people to a minimum. K-9 Violet is people friendly; however, we prefer to work with minimal distractions. The more people, the more distraction and disruption of the air scent. 


Wait to meet her. Please do not pet, talk, or give treats while the dog is working. Violet would be more than happy to meet you after she's completed her work. She prefers to concentrate and work first.


Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?
CHECK or CASH (no fee)
MASTER CARD or VISA ($5.00 fee)
SQUARE + (3% of total)

What Do You Charge? 
Pricing is dependent on the square footage and location.
Call today for a quote!


Do You Remove Rodents?

NO. We can tell you if you have living mice or rats and the location. We are not an extermination company. We do not work for exterminators, so we can give you an honest inspection. You may choose your own exterminator if Violet detects rodents.


What Should I Expect?

K-9 Violet will wear a vest with a bell and lights. Please do not interfere with the dog while she is working. We do not open drawers or cabinets. We leave those areas up to you to open. We respect your privacy!

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